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African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC)


The AMDC was launched in December 2013 to strategically coordinate the implementation of the African Mining Vision (AMV). The AMDC will coordinate activities including the provision of technical support for the implementation of the AMV, identifying gaps and areas of need and potential expertise to address those needs, undertaking and coordinating policy research, undertaking advocacy and information dissemination, monitoring and evaluating activities relating to the implementation of the AMV, and providing a think tank capacity for the AMV and the activities around it.

Negotiation Support General

Regional focus:

African States who are members of the African Union

Assistance criteria:

Must be a member of the African Union.

Sector focus:

Mining and minerals development

Collaboration with partners:

Yes - especially national and regional organisations in Africa.

Types of expertise:

It is envisaged that the AMDC will provide the following expertise:

  • Geological: the ADMC aims to:(1) revamp national geological surveys in African mining countries; (2) increase mapping and geological exploration activities; (3) strengthen sub-regional and national capacities to standardize and manage geological and geospatial information; and(4) develop a continent-wide mapping and mineral inventory program with special attention to cross-border areas.
  • Environmental impact/ local population: the AMDC seeks to strengthen skills and capacities for effective environmental regulation and management.
  • Social impact and human rights: the AMDC seeks to strengthen stakeholder participation in the governance processes to provide balance and equity in the mineral sector.
  • Good Governance (Anti-Corruption/Stakeholder Engagement): the AMDC seeks to (1) review policy and institutional space for public participation, transparency, and access to information in the mineral sector; (2) strengthen capacity of stakeholders (local governments, communities, CSO’s, parliaments, etc.) to make informed decisions; and (3) mainstream environmental, social, and human rights issues into mineral policies, laws, regulations, and impact assessments.
  • Fiscal and tax management
  • Tendering and Procurement

Number of in-house experts:

AMDC is currently recruiting experts.

Length of involvement:

Long-term assistance

Fee/non-fee based support:

Non-fee based.

Speed of response:


Practical constraints:

The AMDC is still recruiting staff.

Types of negotiation support

Setting the Legal & Policy Framework Stage:

Yes - assistance with implementation of the Country Mining Visions in terms of policy formulation and reforming legal and regulatory frameworks to align with the African Mining Visions.

Pre-Negotiation Stage:

Yes - The AMDC aims to increase regional mapping and exploration activities to upgrade mineral inventories and geo-scientific information data bases.

Contract Negotiation Stage:


Implementation & Monitoring Stage:

Yes - the AMDC aims to build capacity to audit the mining value chain, including tax revenue management.

Advancing Knowledge-Sharing and Management:


Provider Type:

Support Providers