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The G7 CONNEX Initiative

The Negotiation Support Portal by the CCSI is a crucial part of the G7 CONNEX Initiative.

The G7 CONNEX Initiative was officially initiated with the G7 Brussels Declaration 2014. The G7 reaffirmed their commitment to the initiative in the Declaration of the 2015 G7 summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. The objective of CONNEX is to improve the quality of advisory support provided to low income country governments in their negotiation of complex commercial contracts.

The G7 CONNEX Initiative consists of the following complementary components that aim to cumulatively achieve this objective:

First pillar: Information integration and accessibility

  • Supporting CCSI’s Negotiation Support Portal.

Second pillar: Independence and quality of advice

  • Providing independent and multi-disciplinary expert advice to governments in contract negotiations on the basis of the CONNEX Code of Conduct. The aim of the CONNEX Code of Conduct is to improve the quality of advice provided to low income country host governments. It is a binding instrument that governs the conduct of advisors and requires that they work only on behalf and by order of the host government;
  • Encouraging existing Support Providers to (i) broaden their mandates beyond purely legal support to include policy, fiscal modeling, local content, geological, and social and environmental support; and (ii) improve their response times to requests for support; and
  • Identifying pilot projects where host governments are supported by a multidisciplinary team in a complex contract negotiation on the basis of the CONNEX Code of Conduct. The purpose of the pilots will be to gather lessons on what works best in practice and to share these lessons with the CONNEX Initiative. The pilots will also include on-the-job capacity building, where possible.

Third pillar: Capacity building among stakeholders

  • Improving the delivery of training efforts to strengthen the capacity of host governments in low income countries to prepare for, negotiate and monitor the implementation of complex commercial contracts.

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