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Useful Links

Links to websites that may be useful in the planning, preparation for, negotiation, monitoring, and implementation of large-scale investments

Extractive Industries

EI SourceBook – A source of information for government officials and policy makers in relation to the extractive industries.

IGF Events and Professional Training Courses Calendar - A calendar of upcoming events, conferences, webinars or training courses related to extractive industries.

GOXI – An interactive platform for sharing knowledge and resources on the governance of extractive industries.

Mining Policy Framework (MPF) - An interactive platform for exploring the six areas of the MPF (Legal and Policy Environment, Financial Benefit Optimization, Socioeconomic Benefit Optimization, Environmental Management, Post-Mining Transition and Small-Scale Mining), and sharing leading practice and experience. Additionally, the website will highlight and provide regular updates on the implementation of MPF Framework in Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development (IGF) implementing countries.

Natural Resource Charter - A portal that sets out and explains 12 economic principles for governments and societies on how to best manage the opportunities created by natural resources for development. Each principle includes an explanation of the choices and suggested strategies that governments might pursue to increase the prospects of sustained economic development from natural resource exploitation. 

African Petroleum Producers' Association (APPA) - An intergovernmental organisation created in 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria, to serve as a platform for African petroleum-producing countries to cooperate, collaborate, share knowledge and competences.

Energy Charter - Home site for the The Energy Charter Treaty, which is an international agreement which establishes a multilateral framework for cross-border co-operations in the energy industry. 


Land & Agriculture

FAOLEX - A comprehensive and up-to-date legislative database; one of the world's largest electronic collections of national laws and regulations on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources

Knowledge Exchange Platform for Responsible Agro-Investment - A knowledge platform and toolkit for addressing questions of international investment in the agricultural sector of developing countries.

Land Matrix - A global and independent land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment. 

Land Portal - The leading online destination for information, resources, innovations and networking on land issues.



Africa Infrastructure Knowledge Program - A site that builds on the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic study that provides a framework for generating knowledge on infrastructure in Africa on a more sustainable basis. 

EPEC PPP Guide - A webtool that is designed to assist public officials responsible for preparing, launching and implementing PPP projects and to facilitate their understanding of the key issues and steps involved in the delivery of PPP arrangements.

Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation - A site that summarizes some of the best thinking on infrastructure policy. 

PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center for Contracts, Laws and Regulation - A World Bank Resource for PPPs in Infrastructure that includes sample PPP agreements and concessions, checklists and sample clauses, terms of reference, risk matrices, standard bidding documents developed by government agencies, and sample PPP and sector legislation and regulation.



Investment & Human Rights Learning Hub - An online learning tool for a range of practitioners, including lawyers, institutional investors, lenders, investment consultants and advisers, government and civil society.

UNCTAD Investment Policy Hub - A platform of resources on investment policy, including UNCTAD's Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development, an International Investment Agreements Navigator and numerous publications.

Best Practice Links for Companies that Governments should be aware of

Boréalis link to best industry practice in the oil & gas sectors - A collection of best practice guides for companies operating in the oil & gas sectors.

CSR Best Practices - A repository of the main CSR standards and best practices.

CommDev – A collection of public documents, tools, case studies, training opportunities, presentations and resources produced by IFC, partners and other organizations to guide companies in delivering shared value and enhancing benefits to local communities when making investments in agribusiness, forestry, the extractive industries, and infrastructure.

International Council on Mining & Minerals - An organization that brings together 22 mining and metals companies as well as 32 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations to address core sustainable development challenges in metals and mining.

Open Government Guide - A resource for people working to make their governments more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective. It is designed in particular to support the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and features Examples in Practice.


Organizations with links to relevant resources on their websites

CCSI Resources & Tools - The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment provides user-friendly resources and tools for stakeholders to help maximize the impact of international investment for sustainable development.

IIED Resource Themes - The International Institute for Environment and Development provides useful tools and resources on a range of themes including governance, managing natural resources, food and agriculture, and land acquistions and rights.

IISD Investment Resources - The International Institute for Sustainable Development's Investment Program provides useful resources in the area of investment and sustainable development, including Best Practices Advisory Bulletins, quarterly Investment Treaty News and a Model Agreement on International Investment Agreements.

NRGI Resource Center - A tool for knowledge-sharing and transparency advocacy, the Natural Resource Governance Institute's Resource Center gives activists, civil society members, government officials, legislators, journalists and students access to hundreds of documents on the management of natural resource wealth.

NRGI Extractive Industries Data Ecosystem - A database of available data tools and interactive applications for the natural resource governance sector.

PPIAF Knowledge Center - The Knowledge Center is a valuable source of up-to-date information on infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs), with materials and resources that explore current trends and encourage discussion, written by experts in the field.